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Alpha Host is a comprehensive Airbnb community, mentorship, and coaching program that gives you the perfect mix of content, community, and coaching.

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How can Alpha Host Help You?

The Alpha Host program offers "3 Pillars of Value", designed to give you everything you need to build a successful Airbnb business.


Get access to our comprehensive on-demand training modules. Through these self-paced videos you'll all you need to know about starting and managing your Airbnb business.


Real estate investing is hard enough, but it's even harder when you're doing it by yourself. We've created a community where people from all over the globe are helping one another build their Airbnb business. This is your safe space to ask questions, get answers and find support.


Your situation is unique, which means you need someone who can give advice that's tailored to your unique situation. We offer a mix of multiple group coaching calls every week, plus the opportunity to get one-on-one coaching to ensure you get the support you need.

How does Alpha Host work?

When you join, you'll gain access to a comprehensive program designed to give content, community, guidance, and accountability you need to build your Airbnb business quickly.

On-Demand Video Training

You'll gain lifetime access to our library of on-demand training videos, designed to give you a strong fundamental understanding of all things Airbnb. You can work through these videos at your own pace.

  • Lifetime access to 11 modules (plus all future updates)
  • Done-for-you swipe files, resources, and templates

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

We host several group coaching calls every single week, each with its own focus. And at least one of those calls is personally hosted by Sara & Tony, every single week.

  • Access to the coaching call archives
  • Masterclasses taught by other expert investors
  • Q&A sessions to get real-time answers to your biggest questions

One-on-One Coaching

When you join Alpha Host, you'll have the option of being assigned to one of our Airbnb coaches. You and your coach then work together to develop a road map that helps you execute and build your Airbnb business.

  • Schedule sessions on days and times that work for you
  • Each session last at least 60-minutes
  • Have a trusted and experienced advisor in your corner

Hear Their Stories

Real stories, from real students, with real success.

Travis H.

We added two Airbnbs, in just about six months after joining Alpha Host. And l'm working on three and four right now as well.

— Travis H.

Natalie B.

When I started Alpha Host, I didn't have any listings. I was able to get my first listing. And since it's going so well, we're getting ready to launch our second one within the next month or so

— Natalie B.

Olivia T.

We're actually under contract on our second property now here since joining the program... I don't know if I would've done this if I hadn't joined Alpha Host

— Olivia T.

Dmitry V.

I joined Alpha Host at the end of January. And on March 31st, I closed on my first Airbnb

— Dmitry V.

Mandy C.

My property was almost fully booked in June and July. There were, like, three or four days that weren't booked. So for the season where you're gonna be making the most money, I'm as booked as I can be

— Mandy C.

Ruebn A.

I'm actually sitting inside my first Airbnb all the way in West Virginia, setting it up. That was my main goal, and I achieved my main goal.

— Rueben A.

Kevin A.

We joined in July, and we got our first property under contract in September,

— Kevin A.

Our Students are CRUSHING IT!

Will you be our next success story?

What's Inside the Modules?

Alpha Host program offers an on-demand video training series that was built to teach you everything you need to know so you can choose markets, analyze deals, use software, and run your Airbnb like pro.

Laying the Foundation

Building a strong foundation is the key to all learning. And this module sets the tone with some key pieces of information that we'll build on in the following modules.

Choose Your Market

Learn how to choose the best markets for your Airbnb business. Learn the importance of understanding local policies, gauging the popularity of the market, and considering personal preferences. The module also highlights the significance of Airbnbs as economic drivers in certain markets, which can influence local policies in favor of these rentals.

Fund Your Deals

A practical guide that empowers you to confidently finance your short-term rental business. It explores various financing options, including Second Home Loans and Short Term Rental Specific financing. The module also introduces the BR(STR)RR strategy for those willing to manage a rehab project. But the real gem is the emphasis on partnerships. It shows you how to leverage partnerships to kickstart your business, even if you lack the capital or can't get approved for a loan.

Find Your Deals

A comprehensive guide to sourcing your first short-term rental property. You'll learn to create steady flow of potential deals and explores various sources, including MLS and off-market strategies. The module also provides insights into working with real estate agents and understanding their roles. The benefits of this module lie in its practical approach, offering real-world examples and strategies that have proven successful in the short-term rental market. It's a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced investors.

Master Your Analyzing Skills

This is your secret weapon to Airbnb success. You'll learn to maximize your earnings, compare properties like a pro, and use top-notch tools for market insights. Plus, you'll understand the power of reviews, seasonal trends, and location. It's like having a cheat sheet for Airbnb success!

Establish & Manage Your Team

This is your secret weapon to Airbnb success. You'll learn to maximize your earnings, compare properties like a pro, and use top-notch tools for market insights. Plus, you'll understand the power of reviews, seasonal trends, and location. It's like having a cheat sheet for Airbnb success!

Take Your Listing Live

Get step-by-step video instructions on how to create your listings on Airbnb and VRBO. You'll learn the secrets of crafting your listing so it's both eye-catching and descriptive.

Design & Amenities

Learn how to create a design strategy for your Airbnb that "stops the scroll" and helps your listing stand out amongst the sea of other options. Whether you're a design pro, or a total newbie, you'll find a strategy that works for you.

Price Your Listing

Most Airbnb hosts don't have a solid pricing strategy. Instead, they hope and wish their way to profitability. In this module, you'll learn how to complete competitive research and leverage dynamic pricing tools to maximize your revenue.

Tools & Automation

Want to manage your Airbnb with 15 minutes or less each day? This module teaches you how to set up your "software stack" so you're able to automate as much of your business as possible.

Managing Your Guests

You can't be a successful Airbnb host without making your guests a priority. In this module, you'll learn foundational strategies for giving your guests five-star experiences.


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

We offer a few different packages within Alpha Host. And the best way to serve you, and give you the most accurate "cost" is to hop on a quick call so we can match your unique situation with the package that best fits.  

What about the AirbnBUST?

There are lots of influencers, bloggers and voices on the internet who want you to believe that the days of buying profitable Airbnbs are long gone... While it's true that it takes more skill to be successful today than it did a few years ago, there are still TONS of opportunities to be successful in this space. You just have to know where to look and be able to leverage the right strategies.

I live in an expensive city. Will this work for me?

The vast majority of our students are not investing in the same city they live in. In fact, many are investing in properties that are 1,000's of miles away. Luckily, we show you exactly how to setup and manage your properties from anywhere in the world.

How quickly can I buy my first property?

The short answer is "it depends". When you join Alpha Host, you'll be given all the tools and resources you need to be successful, but it's still up to you to put in the hard work and use everything you've been given. BUT, it's totally possible to have your first property up and running within a couple of months.

What about Airbnb regulations?

Every major industry has some sort of government regulation, and Airbnbs are no different. Instead of letting the fear of regulation hold you back, we'll teach you how to identify the cities where you won't have to worry about regulations.  

How much time will I have to invest?

The time commitment is truly up to you. But between the group coaching calls, your 1:1 sessions, plus the actual time spent taking action, it should only be a few hours every week. But more for those that are super hungry :)

Do you teach rental arbitrage or co-hosting?

The primary focus of Alpha Host is to teach our students how to buy properties and operate them as short-term rentals. While we have some masterclasses and group coaching sessions that touch on these topics, our primary focus is teaching you to purchase properties.

What happens if I miss a group coaching call?

No sweat! We record every single call, so you can go back and watch the recordings any time you want.

What days and times are the group coaching sessions?

We have multiple calls on the calendar every single month. We typically try and schedule these for the evenings when most of our students are available. Once inside Alpha Host, you'll receive a monthly calendar with all of the scheduled calls and topics.